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Straight from our Volunteer Coordinator, the lovely Shaen:

We have two types of volunteers to recruit. The one type is required by Guinness under their Archive and Evidence rules.

Guinness Archive & Evidence (GAE)Volunteers

These folks have to be independent of the event and be upstanding members of community such as police, fire, civil servants, teachers, lawyers etc. If you are any of those we could really use your offer as:

1) Witness
2) Scribe
3) Time Keeper

The second group is regular volunteers which can be performers, high school students etc. Below is a description of the regular volunteers.

1) Gate/ticket (4 hr shifts) – Guinness rules require tickets to be paid for and logging the # of patrons coming and going in a log book. We are suggesting $5 at the door and of course the proceeds go to that days’ charity. If you are Smart Served certified please note that and If you are under 18 please note that as well. We need these spots filled for 24hrs a day.

2) Audience (1hr shifts)- Guinness requires us to have minimum number of paying audience members. for this we would require you to pay at the door a nominal fee of course. We aren’t concerned with the large crowd days/hours but for the riskier shifts we would like to have a list of folks who are willing to be audience attendees…we are only scheduling volunteers for the hours 2am–5pm as the other hours we are expecting to be easily filled.

3) Event mgr volunteer (4 Hr shifts) – The site manager volunteers will be responsible for running the venue as per the agenda and the guidelines, calling in emergency ‘bodies’, making coffee and putting out breakfast items in the morning, facility management, putting out fires, being amazing, crowd hyping, Helping the community partnership volunteers to run company parties (reserving seating, providing information).

4) The community partnership volunteer (4 Hr shifts) – will be responsible for prizes, raffles, greeting partners, ensuring their events run smoothly, taking pictures for social media, coordinating after-hours food and following all directions in the daily agenda!

5) Stage Manager (4 hr shifts) – if you have experience as stage manager we could use help there as well
Chair: Kevin Ker
Vice Chair: George Bigelow
Vice Chair: Clark Baker Montgomery